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There are two types of bags that don’t have handles, Counter Bags and SOS Bags

Counter Bags

Counter bags are bags which lie flat on a shop’s counter top. These paper bags have no handles and are popular with craft and gift shops, newsagents and coffee shops, as well as small bags for chips.

SOS Bags

SOS bags, or block-bottom bags are paper bags that can stand on their own. Unlike the flat counter bags, these freestanding SOS bags have a bottom and hence have a depth measurement or “gusset”. 

SOS (which stands for “Self Opening Satchel”) or block-bottom bags as they are also called, are made from heavy grade, extra strong paper and are designed to be carried under the arm. All our paper bags are made locally in Co. Tipperary.

SOS bag sizes include:

  • 4x6x9’’
  • 6x9x10’’
  • 10x15x12’’
  • 7x11x13’’
  • 10x15x16’’
  • 5 x 8.5 x 9.75”
  • 7x11x13’’        
  • 8X13X12”       
  • 10x15x12’’      
  • 10x15x16’’
  • 12x17x16 (4A)
  • 12x19x17”  (4B)