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Paper Lunch Bags

What are Paper Lunch Bags?

The environmentally friendly alternative, Paper Lunch Bags are made with greaseproof paper and can be reused, recycled and keep the lunch at its freshest.

Paper Lunch Bags come in packs of 50 bags and are available in supermarkets nationwide!

How were they developed?

Shauna Walsh runs her family’s paper bag business, and has four children called Ava, Simon, Gavin and Abbie. When they were little, Shauna noticed that kids struggled to open the clingfilm their school lunches were wrapped in, and thought that she could potentially come up with a more environmentally friendly solution.

She tried out using paper bags instead, and got positive feedback from family and friends who also used them for their children’s school lunches. 

The idea proved popular with Irish parents and has Paper Lunch Bags have been promoted by Green Schools committee all over the country for their green flags!

Always buy these and love them- not just for school lunches but for fridge storage etc - so much healthier for the body than plastic and so much better for the environment. Thank you for this earth friendly alternative Shauna!
Irish Mum
I have been using these lunch bags for a couple of years now & couldn’t recommend them highly enough!
Bernie Liffey
Irish Mum from Co. Offaly
Found these a few years ago. They are fab. Brill idea. Hope every shop stocks them soon. Well done!
Irish Mum

Lunch bag life hacks

1. Birthday Parties

If you’re providing party bags for kids to take home leftovers, paper lunch bags are very handy because you can write the name of each child on the bag! 

This means everyone has the right bag, and you can make sure everyone has one before they leave.

2. Baking Parchment


Stuck for baking paper? Paper lunch bags are greaseproof and can be used as an alternative. Especially useful for traybakes such as cookies, just cut down one side and across the bottom to open out the bag and then grease and line your tray with it as usual!

3. Write reminders/ “love you” on lunch

“Don’t forget about gaelic football after school!”

Making lunches for school, college or the office? Save paper by writing your reminders directly on your loved ones’ lunch. 

It’s also hard to miss the note when it’s written directly on their lunch! 

4. Kid’s (personalised) wrapping paper

Stockpile paper bags and use them to wrap all your gifts. Let your kids personalize them with embellishments such as rubber stamps, paint, or ribbons.

For younger kids, you can create a stamp by carving shapes into a potato and dipping this in paint- click here to find out how!

It’s a look that store-bought paper can’t compete with, and it shows your loved ones you took the time to make their gift special.

5. Tracing paper (for art projects)


Paper lunch bags are made from greaseproof paper, which is slightly transparent. This means they can be used as an alternative to tracing paper for sketching and tracing in art, and for tracing sewing patterns in home economics. 

6. Travel

Paper Lunch Bags are a healthy way to store your toothbrush in your suitcase. Just wrap a bag around the head of your brush- much healthier than using plastic!