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Meet Our Team

We have a wonderfully diverse crew of 45+ people based in our factory in Roscrea who are delighted to help meet our customer’s needs. 

Meet our front of house crew below….

Shauna Walsh
Managing Director 

Shauna is proud to run the business that has been in her family for three generations. 

In addition to leading the overall team, Shauna has strong relationships with all of the customers and is responsible for the overall strategy and operations of the business

Rose Bourke
Customers Services Manager

As manager of the sales office, Rose is a key liaison point between customers and the production team, ensuring that customer needs are fulfilled.

David Coen
Operations Manager 

An expert on lean manufacturing, David runs the factory to optimum efficiency.

He covers all aspects of production from back door to front door and beyond!

Mary Duignan
Financial Controller 

Mary has progressed through the Company to her current role as Financial Controller.
In this role, she manages the financial function of the business.

Lorraine Needham
Accounts Receivable 

Lorraine is the one who ensures all invoices are paid on time!

Paul Spencer
Store Manager

Paul is responsible for goods inwards and outwards.

Peter Dooley
Graphic Designer 

Peter manages the graphic design team. He works with customers to ensure their ideas and designs are implemented on their printed bag.

Fiona Kemmy
Production Manager

Fiona is responsible for quality assurance and efficiency reporting. She also advises customers on order due dates