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Recyclable & Compostable 

All of our products are fully recyclable and our materials are sustainably sourced.  Much of the paper used in our bags is certified as “compostable” according to the European Standards authority EN13432, meaning that the paper is biodegradable, can disintegrate and is not eco-toxic.
Our manufacturing partners use recycled materials as much as possible and use FSC® certified mills. This means the paper in our products is sourced from forests that are sustainably managed to preserve biodiversity. Please contact us for information on the environmental benefit of specific products.

Locally Produced 

Our products are manufactured in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.  In addition to supporting Irish jobs, our local sourcing is great for the community and helps the environment. By localizing our supply chain, we reduce emissions from shipping and transit.
Look for the Ashbury brand logo for our most environmentally-friendly, locally produced products.

Energy Efficient 

At JF Walsh Packaging, we are committed to managing our operations sustainably.
In 2016, we won the European Enterprises’ Climate Cup for our energy reduction achievements!
Shauna Walsh in Brussels to receive an award on behalf of JF Walsh Packaging for their achievements in cutting energy emissions!