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Chemist Bags

Designed with pharmacies in mind, these paper bags are made for use in pharmacies and drug stores.
We can manufacture the full range of bag sizes for your pharmacy, to meet all of your paper bag needs!

Chemist Bags

Chemist Bags (Also called Counter bags or prescription pouches) are usually found lying flat in a stack on/ under a chemist’s counter, perfect for popping tablets or cough bottle into or for impulse buys at the counter.

Sizes available:

Size a – 4x6x8″
Size b – 5x7x9″
Size c – 6x8x12″
Size d – 7x10x14″

Block-bottom bags

Block-bottomed bags feature heavier quality paper and stand upright when open.

Sizes available: 

5″ Small

7″ Large

Carrier Bags

Carrier bags have handles and are used for bulk purchases. We can manufacture a huge range of carrier bag sizes with a variety of handles.

Printing and Customisation

All of our paper bags can be custom printed with your pharmacy’s brand and logo, get in touch with our design team to find out more!

Check out our sizes (more available- just ask)!

SizeSize A counter bagSize B counter bagSize C counter bagSize D counter bag5″ small block bottom SOS Bag7″ large block bottom SOS BagMedium carrier bags with twist handles
DimensionsW=100mm G=152mm H=203mmW=127mm G=178mm H=229mmW=152mm G=203mm H=305mmW=179mm G=254mm H=355mmW=127mm G=216mm H=248mmW=178mm G=280mm H=330mmW=255mm G=120mm H=305mm
Paper Weight38 gsm38 gsm55 gsm55 gsm70 gsm70 gsm90 gsm
Bags per box100010001000500500250400


Paper Weight:

“Gsm” means “grams per square metre”. Heavier paper is required to maintain the integrity of the larger bag sizes.