The Company

Walsh Packaging employs 50+ people and is a family owned & run company based in Roscrea, Co Tipperary.

The Company is steeped in history and has been in operation since 1942 when it was established by James F Walsh, grandfather of current managing director Shauna Walsh. It is one of the largest paper bag manufacturers in Ireland, producing a high percentage of all paper bags supplied to the pharmacy, fast food, off licence, fashion and retail industries in Ireland.

For several years the paper bag market in Ireland has gone through a growth surge driven by the environmental levy on plastic bags introduced by the Irish Government in 2002.

Walsh Paper bags are recycled and recyclable as well as being compostable.

Increased sales over the last number of years has resulted in the need for improved performance and more efficient productivity in order to benefit strategically from increased output and demand.

Walsh Packaging is genuinely client focused company and it is continually seeking to expand its product range. It maintains a solid reputation for quality and is always willing to give the best service possible.


The Team

Shauna Walsh Francis Peters Rose Bourke
Managing Director Production Manager Customers Services Manager
Shauna the third generation of the Walsh family to hold this position and is responsible for the overall strategy and operations of the business. Noel runs the daily production operations. This role covers all aspects of production from back door to front door and beyond. Rose is responsible for managing the sales office. She acts as a liaison between our production team and our customers to ensure customer needs are fulfilled.

Mary Duignan Peter Dooley Jane Grace
Financial Controller Graphic Designer

Quality Assurance Manager

Mary has progressed through the Company to her current role as Financial Controller. She controls the financial function of the business and also covers matters such as human resources and administration. Peter manages the graphic design team. He works with customers to ensure their ideas and designs are implemented on their printed bag. Jane is responsible for quality assurance and efficiency reporting. This includes quality control, stock control and valuations and production data reporting.

Lorraine Needham
Accounts Receivable.
Claire is the newest member of our team and she is the one who ensures all invoices are paid on time!